What to search for in a Central Coast wedding venue.

Celebrating your engagement and beginning to make plans for your wedding can be such an exciting time. It can also be very overwhelming making so many decisions, especially when choosing something as important as your wedding venue.

One of the most significant decisions you will make for your wedding will be choosing the location of your wedding. You wedding venue sets the tone for your whole day and can also influence the guest list, styling and overall experience.

With a variety of stunning options on the Central Coast, it can be overwhelming to make a selection. To help you make your decision our experienced Crowne Weddings Planners have helped compile a list of some key points to remember when choosing a space for your wedding.

Consider the size of your wedding.

One of the most important things to consider for your wedding venue is whether it will be able to accommodate all your guests. Ensuring that your guests aren’t on top of one another or alternatively that you have a half empty room is important to the overall mood of your wedding.  

Try to have a ballpark number of guests in your head before looking for a venue; this will make the process much easier. Often finding a venue that has multiple room options depending on your wedding size can give you a wider range of choices.  Alternatively, if you have found a venue that you are in love with, you can tailor your guest list to match your space.

How important is the location?

When you imagine your wedding, what would you like your guests to see when they walk into the room? Whether it be a forest, a farm or a beachside setting, how important is having a beautiful view as your backdrop? Having a wedding venue that offers spectacular views can be very important for some couples, as it can set the tone and atmosphere of the day.  

It’s also important to consider, where you would like your wedding photos to be taken. Is your wedding venue close to beautiful surroundings where you can have your wedding photos taken without travelling too far?

Accessibility for your guests can be another factor to consider.  Does your wedding venue offer guests the option of accommodation to stay or is it in a location that is easy to get to? Often offering your wedding guests the option of overnight accommodation can make the day feel like a mini getaway. Choosing a venue where your loved ones can stay and celebrate for more than just one day offers an unforgettable experience to your wedding guests.

Consider your vision.

You probably have some idea of how you picture your wedding to look. If you have a certain theme or colour palette that you have been dreaming of, ensuring that the existing decor of your wedding venue doesn’t clash with your vision is very important.

Selecting a wedding venue that has a neutral colour palette will offer you more variety in your theming. Alternatively, take inspiration from your wedding venue for your colour scheme. If you choose a wedding venue with a stunning coastal location, you can use tones that compliment the space.

Lighting can also make or break the mood and space of a wedding venue. Finding a Central Coast wedding venue that has lots of large windows can ensure that your wedding is flooded with natural light and really influence the space. This can also impact your wedding photos as if a venue is too dark it can make it more difficult for your photographer to capture all the details of your wedding.

Do your research.

If you have a wedding venue in mind, conduct some research in order to find more details. Thorough online research will help you determine if the venue will be the right fit for your special day. Other than finding out more information, checking out a venues website will give you an indication to the level of professionalism and attention to detail the venue has. Have a look on the wedding venue website for wedding information packages, photo gallery and special offers.

Go and see the venue.

If you are considering a wedding venue, one of the best tips to get a real feel of the venue is to go and visit. Book in to do a site visit where you can be shown around the wedding venue by an expert team member who can answer your questions and provide inspiration. Come prepared with a list of questions so you don’t forget on the day.  No matter how much research you do on a wedding venue, it is often getting a feel for the atmosphere that will help you make your decision.

When planning your Central Coast wedding, finding a venue can seem daunting. However, by making some key decisions from our above guide on how you would like your wedding to look, the choice will become much easier. If you are currently looking at wedding venues on the Central Coast, you can contact the team at Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific to organise a site visit or find inspiration with our wedding information packages.

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