Summer on the Central Coast means ice-cream, fish and chips, bush walks, alfresco dining and plenty of time at the beach. 

1. Pick a theme song.

Choose a theme song for your summer bucket list and blast it while you make memories. Whether it’s an upbeat dance song or a power ballad, for years to come whenever you hear ‘that song’ your memory will take you back to relive the sounds, sights and sensations you enjoyed in Summer 2017/2018.

2. Go on a road trip.

Pack the car, grab some driving snacks and head out to discover a place you’ve never been before. Go with family, friends or on your own and enjoy the experience that only spending hours in a car can bring you. Pick out your theme song and play it on repeat as you drive and you’ve ticked off two items at once.

3. Collect shells.

A childish past-time worth revisiting to put on your summer bucket list. Spend time wandering the beach as you look for that perfect shell whether it is a certain shape, pattern or colour. The key is quality not quantity and for a more permanent reminder of your time in the sun, think about what you could create back home showcase your finds such as a photo frame, jewellery or centrepiece.

4. Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Terrigal.

Be the envy of your social media feed when you tick stand up paddle boarding off your summer bucket list. Discover tranquillity and wildlife as you paddle around Terrigal lagoon or experience the exhilaration of catching a wave as you ride the surf at Terrigal beach. There’s nothing like the freedom and sense of achievement you’ll have as you propel yourself along whilst balancing on a paddle board.

5. Go fishing.

If you are an expert angler, summer is the perfect excuse to get your fishing gear out and chart a course that could see you returning with dinner. If you aren’t, but you’d like to try your luck at reeling one in, consider booking a fishing trip or hiring some fishing gear. If you aren’t keen on fishing at all, forget the fishing rod, spend some hours lazing by the water and stop by the seafood store on the way home. Either way, your bucket list item is ticked.

6. Spontaneously swim.

Some of the best memories are made when you impulsively decide to do something different. Like seizing the moment and dropping by the nearest beach. Who cares if you don’t have your swimmers or a towel? Jump in and relish the moment.

7. Get a taste of the world.

Eat yourself silly at a street food fair.  There’s nothing quite like the experience of street food with all the sights, the smells, the sounds and most importantly the taste. Florida Beach Bar at Terrigal will delight all the senses at the Greedy Guts Street Food Markets on 8th December and 12th January when street food vendors from the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney take over the beer garden.

8. Do an ice-cream shop crawl.

Like a pub crawl, but suitable for all the family. Test the same flavour across a range of stores to find the best ‘Cookies and Cream’ on the Central Coast or taste a new flavour at each store to find your all-time favourite, either way sampling your way through a summer of ice-cream is a delicious bucket list item to tick off.

9. Enjoy fish and chips by the water.

It’s the stuff summer memories are made of: ordering delicious hot fish and chips, using the paper they come in as your plate and chasing the seagulls away while you tuck in to hot crispy batter. The Central Coast has some of the best fish and chips around with Terrigal Beach Fish and Chip Co. crowned winner at the 2017 Australian Fish and Chip Awards. If one serving of battered goodness isn’t enough, why not try Avoca Beach Seafoods who also finished in the top 5 of the awards?

10. Read a book.

Get lost in a story that takes your mind far from wherever you are. Make time to rediscover the joy that reading a book can bring by picking up a thrilling mystery, a fickle fiction or some classic literature. Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific has a library exchange where you can take a book for free, leave a book you’ve read and spend a quiet moment away from it all at the Haven Library on level 2.

11. Camp in the backyard.

Can’t get away? Set up the tent in the backyard and set yourself up for an evening under the stars. It will give you the chance to experience a night away without the hassle of packing up and going bush. The middle of the night trek to the toilet won’t be as treacherous and you can still tick camping off your summer bucket list.

12. Flick on the cricket.

Nothing says summer more than the sound of cricket commentary coming from the lounge room. For those hot days when you can’t leave the air conditioning, be drawn into a exciting day and night match where it comes down to the last ball or chill out completely, settling in for a few days of skilful test match play. If the professional game gets a bit boring, rally the kids and the neighbours for a backyard match.

13. Run through the sprinkler.

One of the best childhood memories is running through the sprinkler on a hot summer’s day. Get the kids, the neighbours and the dog out in the yard and turn the pressure up! When it’s too hot to do anything else, the thrill of running through the cold water is enough to make you squeal and laugh like you were 8 again.

14. Slip and slide around the yard.

The more exciting alternative to running through a sprinkler. Race each other to the end of the wet slippery plastic, perfect your run up and see who can go the furthest. If you don’t own a slip and slide, a tarp or strip of black plastic is a cheap alternative.

15. Build a sand castle.

Go all out on your sand castle design, with more than a simple bucket full of sand turned over. Build a fortress with a moat, drawbridge, towers and a flag. Get creative and carve mermaids, turtles, fish or boats in the sand. Whether you create a Pinterest worthy masterpiece to share on your socials or end up with a pile of sand the kids stomp to the ground, you won’t regret the time spent in the sand.

16. Make a summer cocktail.

Drink something different. Make lemonade with the kids, sip on sangria by the pool, or enjoy a Pimm’s and lemonade at your local beer garden. The next time you have that same drink, your mind will be cast back to the good times you had on holidays, which is refreshing in itself.

17. Go a whole day without technology.

Lock the devices away and experience life like we did before phones, tablets and computers delivered a world of entertainment and connection at the swipe of a screen. If you are really dedicated, go a couple of days. If the social media withdrawal starts to hurt, tick a few more items of your summer bucket list to pass the time.

18. Get away from it all.

Plan a summer holiday where someone else does all the cooking and cleaning for you. Look for a package that has the inclusions that are important to you.  

Do you want breakfast and parking included? What about a place where kids stay and eat free?

Shop around online but when it comes time to book, make sure you make your booking either by calling the hotel or using the hotel’s own website. This way you have much better chance of getting the most suitable package for your needs and, as many hotels have a best price guarantee, you’ll get the best price. Plus, you are also more likely to get upgraded because hotels love guests that book directly with them.

If we’ve convinced you to join us for summer, take advantage of the IHG Your World sale and save up to 30% off your summer holiday. It’s as simple as joining IHG Rewards Club for free and booking your stay before 29 November 2017 for travel between 18 November and 15 April 2018.