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We know you might need some flexibility around your upcoming travel plans. We’ve got you covered with a cancellation window of 3 days prior to your stay and a 1-night cancellation penalty with no deposit required.

To learn more about our cancellation policies and health and safety measures, view our Travel Advisory notice here.


Rates are per room, per night, for 2 people. Rates may vary according to the dates selected, are subject to availability and blackout dates may apply. Must be booked at least 3 days in advance. Full payment is required on check in with a 3-day cancellation window and a 1-night cancellation penalty prior to arrival. The entire stay will be charged in the case of late cancellations or failing to show up for your booking. Tax and credit card surcharges apply. Other terms and conditions may apply, please visit the hotels booking page for further details. Offer inclusions are subject to compliance with any Covid-19 government restrictions in place at the time of travel.


  • No deposit
  • Cancellation until 3-days prior to arrival
  • Flexibility for your travel plans
  • Beachfront location
  • Private balcony

The perfect base for your Central Coast adventure


Swim in our outdoor heated pool, invigorate your body in our spa or sauna, or workout in our fully equipped gym.


With so much to do

from beaches to rainforest, arts and culture to skate parks, cafes and breweries, discover treasures of the Central Coast.



Dine at Seasalt Restaurant, sip cocktails in Lord Ashley Bar and Lounge or take in the atmosphere of our Florida Beach Bar beer garden.

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