Watch drone photographer I FLY HIGH‘s recent footage of humpback whales passing the Central Coast, part of a 10,000km return journey that takes place from May to November each year.

We asked Andrew Jones, Skipper and Marine Biologist with Terrigal Ocean Tours, for a rundown on this incredible natural event.

“From May to early November we have approximately 35,000 Humpback Whales migrate right past Terrigal”, says Andrew.

“The whales head north to sub-tropical waters for the feeding and breeding phase of their lifecycle.

“The main reason for the migration is to have the calves. They are born without a protective blubber layer under their skin and they wouldn’t survive the cold Antarctic winter. The whales are migrating to areas such as Hervey Bay and the Whitsundays for the breeding part of the lifecycle.”

“On the return journey the mothers pull in to protected bays like Terrigal to rest and feed. It is a magical experience to see a new born calve with its mum”, says Sharyn Jones, Deck Hand with Terrigal Ocean Tours.

“We have even seen a calf playing with a bunch of seaweed and passing it to its mum.”