Something that is as important to us as it is to you, is sustainability. We take pride in respecting the environment and managing our impact for the benefit of the community in which we operate. We are committed to measuring and managing those impacts utilising IHG’s Green Engage system and finding innovative Green Solutions to help us reduce energy, water and waste.

Here are some examples of our Green Solutions:

Energy Reduction

Saving energy is an ongoing priority at Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific. Everything that can be measured is measured and kept under constant surveillance. We are proud of our achievements so far, but it is a journey and we reset our goals every year.

The impact of air conditioning has been reduced through the use of a high-efficiency chiller unit and the use of thermostats and sensors in guest rooms to reduce electricity consumption. Motion sensors are used for lighting in all staircases, public areas guest toilets and car park plus the motors in the lifts have been upgraded to be more energy efficient. Lighting in all areas has been upgraded to energy saving LED lights and there is even three Tesla electric car chargers installed in the car park for guest use.

Reduced Water Use

Where we can reduce the use of water, we do. This includes guest rooms having dual/low flush water faucets, public toilets using a sensor flush system, all guest rooms featuring low flow shower heads and the kitchens using water efficient dishwashers.

Recycled Stormwater

Working with the local council, storm water is collected and utilised in toilets, chillers, laundry and external cleaning.

No Single Use Plastics

From cups to straws to water bottles and lolly wrappers, we’re taking an active approach in removing single use plastics from the hotel.  #strawfree

Coffee Cups

Because coffee is life, but millions of take away coffee cups are not, where we can we use crockery or KeepCups rather than take away cups.


All cardboard, waste paper, batteries, printer cartridges and aluminium cans used in the hotel are collected separately for recycling.

Soap Aid

Leftover soap bars from guest rooms are recycled by housekeeping and given to Soap Aid. Soap Aid melt and hygienically clean the soap, remoulding it for use in countries with low access to sanitation.

Chef’s Herb Garden

Reducing the carbon footprint of fresh herb delivery, the kitchen team maintain a rooftop garden for herbs used in the restaurant.

Bottle Cycler

The bottle cycler is a specific glass crusher used in our bars and restaurants to crush glass onsite which is then collected for recycling.

And this is just the start. In the near future we are introducing bulk guest bathroom amenities to reduce single use shampoo and conditioner bottles as well as a food waste compost system. We will constantly strive to improve the ways in which we reduce, recycle and reuse.