It’s a question we have been hearing quite a bit of lately and currently in NSW (as at 22/9/2020), the answer is YES. You may be thinking, “why would I want to celebrate anything in 2020?” but given we’ve already missed out on so much this year, don’t let your team miss out on the time old tradition of Christmas drinks.

As is the case with most things, it’s going to be different this time around so we’ve compiled the list of what you can do and what you can’t do as it stands at the moment. We’ll be constantly watching to see if this changes and will update this blog as new information comes forward.

What can you do?

✔️Have a corporate event such as a work Christmas party for up to 150 guests. With the current social distancing requirements, the maximum capacity of our Grand Ballroom is 150 guests and the maximum capacity in Seasalt Conservatory is 54 guests. Our team can help you find the right space.

✔️Enjoy a two or three course meal served to your table by our exceptional team. Buffets are out for the foreseeable future but staying at the table gives you more time to soak up those Christmas feels and chat with your colleagues.

✔️Make the most of a beverage package or go with drinks on consumption. RSA is still a thing but there is definitely no rule that says you can’t have a drink to celebrate Christmas.

✔️Include music or live entertainment. We recommend live entertainment such as a magician or a comedian to add fun to the evening without the risk of breaching the restrictions, as dancing is not allowed.

What can’t you do?

❌Mingle or move around the room as you did in the past. Guests must stay at their table, aside from when they are visiting the bathroom or getting a drink from the bar. This means that canapes and pre-dinner drinks are not allowed at this point in time. Mingling from table to table or swapping seats is also out. This restriction could have the flow on effect of saving you from saying something embarrassing to the CEO.

❌On the topic of preventing career limiting moments, you also won’t be able to embarrass yourself on the dancefloor. Dancefloors are not allowed under the current restrictions.

❌Share food or utensils. This means that buffets and grazing tables are not an option but we’re sure you will enjoy a scrumptious two or three course plated meal brought to your table instead.

❌Group photos are also out which means for some of us, we will miss the opportunity to be the one person with their eyes shut, facing the wrong direction or grinning just a bit too hard.

How can we help?

It’s our job to make sure your event complies by all the restrictions so let us do the worrying over that for you. We’ll take care of the work and are happy to let you take all the credit. You deserve to have a fabulous work Christmas party to get your team together and thank them for making it through what has been a challenging year for everyone.