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Meet by the beach – in winter?

When the time comes to plan your next big event, think outside the city. Whilst winter might seem like the perfect time to bunker down, a coastal destination can provide a fresh location for fresh ideas. Let us show you a couple of our favourite reasons why our beachside venue is the perfect location for your winter conference.

1. Peace and Quiet. There is nothing like visiting Terrigal in the cooler winter months. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful landscapes while escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. The serenity of Terrigal means you can use the area as a blank canvas for your conference. Enjoy the freedom to spread out and really enjoy the picturesque setting that Terrigal has to offer, without the crowds.


2. Winter Activities Galore. The Central Coast offers great year long activities to make your conference the best it can be. The winter months are perfect time to enjoy some of the amazing walking tracks around Terrigal. Build team morale by tackling a challenging hike through Bouddi National Park while taking in the phenomenal views. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more unique team building activity, why not try your hand at ice curling? Curling is a non-contact sport where each team slides granite stones along the ice, aiming for the ‘centre house’. As the stone makes its way along the ice, teammates ‘sweep’ the ice to increase the pace and chance of landing closest to the centre house. Curling is perfect for any age and fitness level but will still bring out your teams competitive edge.


3. Eat-Drink-Enjoy! The Central Coast, and, especially Terrigal hosts a number of great dining options and places to grab a drink during the winter months. Enjoy exploring some of the great establishments in the area. Alternatively, you can participate in an amazing team bonding experience in the Crowne Plaza’s Lord Ashley Lounge by partaking in a Cocktail Master Class. Learn how to mix the perfect cocktail all whilst learning about the history and new trends of cocktail making from a talented mixologist. There is also the option to take your colleagues of a culinary journey with our ‘Terrigal Talk and Taste’ experience. Your group has the chance to speak to the chefs of Sea Salt restaurant about their menu and inspiration. During the group tasting you have the chance to learn more about pairing food and wine accurately to make the most of the flavours.

Talk and Taste

4. Cheeky Treats. Winter is the perfect time to indulge in sweet treats and delights. At Crowne Plaza Terrigal you have the option of upgrading your day delegate package to include a winter indulgence stations which includes a barista cart serving coffee and hot chocolate as well as churros, melted chocolate and marshmallows as an extra treat. If sweet treats aren’t the right fit for your conference or event in Terrigal, choose our Winter Wellness Station. Stay refreshed and focused with an assortment of healing aromatic herbs and spices including lemon, honey, ginger, turmeric, star anise and cinnamon sticks, served with an urn of hot water.

5. A Stone’s Throw from Sydney. Terrigal is only a 90 minute drive from Sydney which makes it the perfect coastal escape without the hassle of travelling long distance. Enjoy the relaxing experience of a beach town vibe for your conference while still being close to Sydney. Being so close to Sydney also makes Terrigal the perfect nearby conference and events venue.