Interview with Tessa, Guest Experience Manager

“You need to stay longer than just your business, there’s plenty to do. Just extend your trip a little bit more and stay a few nights extra!”

What do you mainly get asked by business travellers?

Most people are after recommendations for somewhere to eat that’s quick and easy, that’s the most common thing.

What kind of fitness activities do guest usually enjoy?

Mainly walking and running, most people want the walking paths along The Haven and The Skillion.

What in-house fitness facilities are popular with business travellers?

Most people use the gym, especially as it is open 24 hours.

What is your ideal in between meeting activities for business people?

A walk up The Skillion, most people are very excited to get photos because it’s so picturesque or go and have coffee.

What would you suggest if you’re new to the Central Coast and have 1-2 hours to kill?

Erina is great as its only 10 minutes away, there is ice skating, the movies, heaps of food and heaps of shopping.

What about for a longer day?

I usually recommend the Reptile Park or the pelican feeding at The Entrance. I’d say particularly the Reptile Park though, everybody is keen for that because if you’re not from here you aren’t used to seeing all the animals, and it’s something different.

What makes Terrigal a great city for business?

It’s by the beach, everything is close to the water, and everyone likes the coastal town vibe as it’s a bit more casual then Sydney so everyone is a bit more relaxed.

Where is the best place you would suggest for a business client to negotiate a deal in the area?

Anyone that comes in wanting a little quiet meeting generally goes to Lord Ashley Lounge, that’s probably where I would send people anyway, as it’s nice and quiet.

Where would you suggest a business client take a client to impress them?

Lots of people prefer going to one of the fancier fine dining restaurants. Also a lot of people lately have been going over to The Skillion with a picnic, especially when the weather is good.

What team bonding experience would you suggest?

The new indoor rock climbing centre at Gosford, I think that would be the perfect team bonding. Flip Out is also awesome, it’s so much fun.

Where would you suggest for a business client to go to forget about business?

Bouddi National Park. I send a lot of people to Crackneck, Foresters and Blue Bay, any of those look- outs just because it’s quiet and everyone loves to take photos of the scenery.

Where can I get a game of tennis, football or squash?

For tennis, the Duffys Road tennis courts are the closest. Football everyone goes over to The Haven. Squash there is a court at Long Jetty.

Where would you go for a spa, yoga or meditation?

I like our in-house spa Endota. I had a hot stone massage there and it was so good! There’s a yoga place just across the road in Terrigal,called Yoga Collective which is really good. Lots of guests go over there.

What’s your advice for business travellers coming to the Central Coast, how can they get the most from their stay?

You need to stay longer than just your business, there’s plenty to do, just extend your trip a little bit more and stay a few nights extra!

What’s a hidden attraction of the Central Coast?

I’m a big fan of Shelley Beach, I love the cafe down there its super cute and no one is ever down there.

What kind of in-room workout would you suggest to energize your day?

Get some blog-a-lates videos on your computer. It’s a girl doing Pilates on Youtube but she’s also really funny!

Where would you go for an early morning yoga session?

The beach, definitely.

Tell us an unknown secret about this hotel?

I have a particular room that I like; I like room 610, that’s one of my favourites. It looks right out over everything, its right over the pool, right over the beach and it sits up nice and high.

Where’s the best place in the hotel you would suggest to take a break and get away from the hustle and bustle?

The Lord Ashley Lounge is the perfect place to sit down and get a strawberry daiquiri.