Interview with Danielle, Crowne Meetings Director

“Not only is Terrigal close to Sydney and Newcastle but it’s a great little village where you can get anything and everything.”

What is the most common question asked by business travellers?

They just want somewhere to connect.

What are the most popular activities for business travellers?

A lot of outdoor activities, given the location we have guests going down beachside or to the Haven on the football field. We predominantly work with a lot of team building companies that tailor activities to get them out and about while they are here.

What would be the most popular in-house fitness activities?

Endota spa is very popular and then of course the spa with the steam and sauna room is quite relaxing.

Where are the most unconventional places to host meetings or conferences in the hotel?

The Presidential Suite is not done very often but it’s an awesome little spot. We do welcome drinks up there sometime but you can do a mini board room. It’s definitely an untapped space.

What are your ideal suggestions for in between meetings activities?

Cocktail making activities are great if they want to stay in the hotel. Lawn bowls is popular. You can do wine tasting, beer tastings at the breweries and wineries. You can go crazy if you have extra time, go up to Glenworth Valley and Australia Treetops Park. Massages are always popular, especially for partners if they’ve got down time.

What would your recommendations be for a full day of activities to see the Central Coast?

You would have to start with yoga on the beach, then a good breakfast in Seasalt and then you would have to go out to do a broader activities whether that be ice skating, Glenworth Valley, Treetops, The Australian Reptile Park. Of an afternoon you’d just kick back and relax on the beach and of a night I’d go down to Florida Beach Bar and play arcade games, have a drink and relax.

What do you think makes Terrigal a great place for business?

It has to be the destination as a whole. Not only is Terrigal close to Sydney and Newcastle but it’s a great little village where you can get anything and everything. It’s right on the beach which makes it a bit of fun, inspirational location. I know sometimes in the city you get four walls whereas in Terrigal it’s beautiful and you can enjoy that while getting out of the city just far enough but still close enough to get back to business if you need to.

What’s your advice to business travellers coming to Terrigal about how they can get the most out of their stay?

It’s all about balance and make sure you use the team that you’ve got here. We have so much insider knowledge and information to make their stay easy. My tip would be to utilise the staff and the knowledge that we have.

What’s a hidden attraction of the Central Coast that is off the tourist track that you would recommend to a new visitor?

If you want to get a little bit further out, you can go up to Norah Head. I love the light house, there’s actually a sneaky little bush track that you can walk along the coast with a couple of look outs between the cafe and the light house.

Tell us your biggest tip about staying in the hotel?

Just make the most of the destination, don’t get stuck in the hotel make sure you explore what Terrigal is all about.

Where is the best place in the hotel to take a break and get away from all the hustle and bustle?

I’d go up to Haven Terrace and you can sit on the chairs near the glass and look out and not too many people are out there. If you want to make some noise you can play connect four.