Keep it simple and start at the beginning.

1. Who, What, Why and When

Take time to determine:
Who you want to invite – how many people? And are they all able to be physically in the space or do you need to consider digital solutions for some attendees?
What style of meeting will work best to deliver your outcomes – a formal board room set up, casual cabaret or classroom for personal spacing?
Why are you here? What are the outcomes you would like to see at the end of the session? What message are you trying to convey? What does your team need from you?
When can we do this? Check your diary. What date options do you have?

2. Pick your venue

Shortlist your venue options and make sure they can accommodate your group size in accordance with government social distancing guidelines. Contact venues for a quote and make your decision. Remember your meeting venue should make your job easy so you can focus on the important job of making sure your event is productive and delivers your outcomes. You need a venue with a team who are confident, knowledgeable and flexible in these ever changing times. At Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific we continue to ensure meeting success with a tailored proposal delivered to you within 24 hours.

3. How to get everyone “in the room”

With border closures and travel restrictions, getting all of the necessary people to your event will be different, but certainly not difficult. At Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific we partner with Encore Event Technologies who have introduced a number of hybrid event solutions. Not sure what your best options are? Encore’s onsite digital expert will be able to work with you to create a tailored solution.

4. Trust your AV experts

One thing is for certain in 2020, and that is we have come to need technology more in terms of our daily activities to make sure we stay connected with people in our lives. But that doesn’t make us the experts. That’s why partnering with an audio visual provider who are knowledgeable and reliable will make your life easier. With so many exciting new solutions available to ensure your team can all be together, be productive and be reunited, a conversation with Encore Event Technologies will be well worth your time.

Once you have locked in your venue and know you can bring everyone you need together, be confident and know we’ve got your back! We want you to have a successful and memorable event achieving all of your goals.

Meet with confidence at Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific